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  • Global Video Streaming Market - In-Depth Analysis with Booming Trends Supporting Growth and Forecast

    Video streaming is the one-way transmission of video content over a data network. It is a type of media streaming in which data from a video file is continuously transferred through the Internet to a remote user. This content is sent in a compressed form via the Internet and is displayed in real time by the viewer. While streaming, the user does not have to wait to download it on a computer or host it to play the file. Hence, a player is needed for uncompressing the file, which sends the audio data to the speakers and the video data to the display.

    (Filed: Wed Dec 19 2018)
  • Female Science Fiction Authors Fight for Publishing

    Female Science Fiction authors are seeking help to bring their anthology to the English-speaking world. Eleven amazing science fiction stories that should be known and read beyond Spanish-speaking borders!

    (Filed: Thu Oct 22 2015)